10 Things Done By Women On The First Date That Men Hate

While going on a date, there are some rules that both individuals follow without any prior discussion. We can say if one of them breaks the rules, the other can get crazy over that. To make the date fantastic, both of them have to make sure that they don’t do something that makes the other person hate you. But, sometimes women do a few things that screw up the whole date. Men can ruin the date in many ways, but we are going to discuss what woman do that men hate on the first date.

Let’s check out what are the things that drive men crazy

Talking About marriage

No matter what you think will be the end of this relationship, we suggest you not to talk about it. If you think you like the person a lot and you are compatible with each other, still you should wait for the next dates and let time decide your fate. Don’t start talking on the topic of marriage because men hate that.

Bringing Up The Topic Of Marriage

Constantly Talking About Your Work

The next person who has come on a date with you, like you as a person. He isn’t interested in the office details so we suggest you not to talk about them a lot. It will do nothing but bore him. Instead, talk about yourself, ask them to tell about themselves and if the connection builds, the conversation will surely become interesting.

Talking Too Much About Your Work

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