11 Beautiful Supermodels In Work Life Vs In Real Life

We see a big billboard with beautiful models posing to perfection and we can’t get over their flawlessness. Every little detail in the picture is just on point. From their glowing skin to the perfect makeup and mesmerizing hair, the directors make sure that nothing looks ordinary. This fact also takes us deep into a complex that we are not as pretty as they are. People make these models sign if beauty standards. Everything that they wear to the makeup looks that they achieve, we think all of it floats around the internet for days and everybody tries it on their own. To take you out of that complex, we are here to tell you that just like all of us, the supermodel’s actresses and the beautiful celebrities are also humans. They do have the same life as we have. They might be shooting all the time and stay in makeup and look good, but they also get skin breakouts, their hair also gets frizzy, they are as much of humans as we are and in their normal life, they live just like us. Their schedule can be busy and they have to travel a lot looking pretty, but when they are at their home, they take their makeup off, don’t care about their hair, put on sweatpants and move around as a normal person would do.

Here we have collected some pictures of famous celebrities on how they look on the big screens vs how they look in real life.

Cara Delevingne

Cara is a literal beauty with her beautiful features and perfect eyes. Seeing the pictures from her shoots, we can say that she is flawless and we might think that she looks like a supermodel all the time.

But in real life, just like any of us, she wears normal clothes, without thinking about how perfect her hair looks or if her makeup is on point or not. This is what we need to learn that we don’t have to care too much about looks, what matters is inside.

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