12 Craziest Crimes Caught On Camera

These days, CCTV cameras are pretty popular for surveillance to stay protected and safe. Police have installed many cameras here and there to evaluate any crime scene that takes place in the areas. Sometimes, a normal person wouldn’t know about the cameras and would be busy in the daily activities, but these cameras not just catch the normal, sometimes something unusual is seen.

When the surveillance system is refined, society can be more civilized because they’ll know someone has an eye on what they are doing. Here we have collected some crazy crimes that were caught on the surveillance cameras and they will surely shock you.


Second Round of Robbery

Jeanne Thomas got her house robbed and so she outfitted the whole place with surveillance cameras. She kept noticing all the activities in her house while being in the office. One day she witnessed another robbery, called the police, and the thief got caught red-handed.


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