13 Times When People Encountered Bigfoot

Anyone living in this world would have somehow heard about the creature called the Bigfoot or Sasquatch. People who came across this legendary beast describe it in many ways, but most say that they look like apes, but have more human characteristics than them. There isn’t any proof about the existence of this soul, but still, some people obsessed about the search aren’t willing to give up on the idea of their presence. Many people even claim that their encounter with a bigfoot was so close that they were able to clearly see its face. Some just got a vague glimpse, but they think it was a Sasquatch.

You might not believe in this, but keep reading the article and you will ask yourself if they actually exist or not.

The Truck Driver Who Got An Unusual Sight


People who had no belief in such a thing were left amazed after encountering it themselves. There was a truck driver hauling potatoes in Utah when he saw something glowing on the highway. He turned his high beam on to see what it is and what he saw frightened him as it was a giant beast running across the road that he thinks would be around 800 kg in weight.

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