14 Cringe-Worthy Body Modification Surgeries

God has made the human body in a way that will work perfectly for all the functions. But, there are people who like to alter their bodies and get body modification surgeries to change their anatomy. It can be an ear piercing or even transdermal implants that come under the section of body modification surgeries.

There are some modifications that actually look good and people usually get them to make their bodies attractive. Most of the women have pierced their ears or noses to wear ornaments like earrings and nose pins.

You might know someone with a tattoo or somebody modification other than the normal piercing. It is pretty common to pierce your body here and there like a belly button and other areas too. But, we are sure that you will not have seen anything like this. There aren’t many possibilities of these surgeries being known or common because they are so weird that they make us cringe.

We have collected some really cringeworthy and surreal physique surgeries and we dare you to see them all.

Enamel Sharpening

Tooth sharpening

Sharpened human teeth would not look good especially when they are in the weird pointy shape. Traditionally, these modifications were done by hunters back in time to perform non-secular functions, but these days, people get these done to looks.

Neck Ring

Neck rings

These neck rings were a tribal tradition fro many to elongate their necks by wearing a ring around their necks. This ornamental ring pushes the collar bones to form the ribs and elongates the structure.

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