15 Most Strange Women In The World

You might wonder what will be the strangest thing a girl could ever do or look like. Well, this planet is full of people who look unusual due to some natural traits that they possess or something they willingly do to themselves. Today, we are going to discuss some women who have willingly chosen some unusual looks or the are naturally standing out of the crowd.

Women throughout the world have been making their place on the first row with their unmatchable talents and the efforts they make. Whether it is about the looks or their smartness, women have done a lot.

Many girls defy the norms, but the ones mentioned below have some strange traits of habits that have caused them to be one of a kind.

So, here is the list of the most strange women you will ever see in your life.

Lauren Williams

This beautiful young lady is not just beautiful but has the longest legs in North America. Her exceptional trait makes her stand out as she is taller than the crowd around her. It is claimed that her legs are 49 inches long that is 124 cm.

lauren williams

Bethany Hamilton

While browsing in the waves, this brave girl lost her arm when a shark attacked her. This incident didn’t hold her back and cease her from showing her talent. She still does her job and inspires many ladies in the world. In 2005, this inspirational woman got the national browsing title.

bethany hamilton

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