15 Unsolved Mysteries Found On Earth

In this age of technology and science touching its peak. You might be surprised by the fact that there are many mysterious things found on earth that we couldn’t solve till now. There might be a time when historic science might be able to identify the truth behind these things, but until then, they are just confusing mankind.

Atlit Yam Ruins

Atlit Yam Submerged Ruins of Ancient Neolithic Site | Elixir Of ...

This Neolithic village was discovered in 1981 as it was completely drowned underwater. After preserving the establishment, researchers have found the skeleton of a mother and her newborn that could have died due to b. The question is how this whole village ended up deep in the water. It might be a giant tsunami, but the real reason is still unknown.

Mysterious Rat Kings

Rat King (Strawinsky and the Mysterious House) | Villains Wiki ...

So people found something very disturbing that are some rats, who have tangled their tails with each other. We can’t tell how that is possible and why they did this. Also, how they got preserved in such a position. Some think that it’s only a deception, but there are some who say that it can be done if the rats touched their tail on a cold day and there was something sticky that attached them together.

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