16 Surreal Things Found In Someone’s Backyard

Church Bells

A person who had to dug up his backyard for the fitting of some pipes came across some strange metallic objects. After the extraction, they were found to be two big 400 years old church bells that were stolen from a nearby church around 11 years ago and buried here.

church bell

Machine Gun and Cellular Phone

A Canadian person found a plastic bag in his backyard that had a loaded machine gun covered in a pillowcase along with the cellphone.

machine gun


A person named Vincent Marcello tried to dig a swimming pool in his backyard, but a cemetery was found from the 1700s. Even 13 caskets were found to have human corpses.


Giant Vertebrae

During the construction of a dam, two boys from Michigan found a strange and big rock that looked like a bone. Later, it was discovered to be mastodon vertebrae from 13,000 years back.


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