16 Times When People Recreated Their Hilarious Childhood Pictures

Going through some old stuff and getting stuck in a picture frame gives us the best feelings. When we go down the memory lane and get all the nostalgic thoughts of us being the happiest. There isn’t a chance that you don’t get a smile while looking at your childhood pictures because that was the time when we were carefree and could do anything without any worries. Going to sleep in the car on your way back home and waking up in your bed with the blanket on is the best memory of old times.

Not all of the times you get the best pictures out of the album, sometimes you come across some awkward pictures of yourself that you would want to hide somewhere. But, today what we are talking about are people who embraced their embarrassing childhood photos and hilariously recreated them. These adults made sure that every detail was recreated no matter how cringy it would be. In fact, this has been in trend for a long time and getting popular as more people are watching it and finding funny how others are doing it. You can easily find many childhood photo recreations on the internet, but we have collected some of the best for you.

Let’s have a look at the fun stuff

Awkward Brothers

This picture from the past with three brothers standing on the stairs giving awkward poses for the picture might not seem too funny, but the recreation is extremely hilarious.

A Big Snuggie

This boy recreated this picture standing in the exact same spot after many years. Not just the giant underwear, but his exciting facial expressions aren’t changed from childhood. The same crazy eyes and gagged face.

She Loves Spaghetti

Somethings that you did when you were 5 looked cute, but they might not look as cute now. This girl recreated her childhood picture in the exact same way and we can’t stop out laughter.

Sand Trapped

These kids drowned themselves in the sand and we think the girl didn’t like the experience, neither then nor now. The recreation of the expressions is hilarious.

Happy in the Laundry Basket

This cute little girl was amused in the laundry basket and after so many years, we think she still loves it. Did you notice the matching background? We are amazed by these recreation skills people have.

Never Growing Up Siblings

Some people get more mature while growing up with siblings, but some are still goofing up after all these years. Well, we are happy to see these cute babies grow up into beautiful adults.

Photoshop Who?

So this boy had a great photoshoot by someone skilled in his childhood and he thought it would be a great idea to recreate them. Same clothes, same hairstyle, and the same person, posing the same way.

Happy Not Happy Siblings

It’s pretty common that siblings have total opposite personalities and still go along too well. We think these little boys graduating then and now are both too adorable.

Little Girl is All Grown Up

So these loving parents recreated this picture with their little daughter who went from drinking milk to chugging the big bottle of booze. Do you think your Christmas family pictures are awkward? We don’t think they will be more awkward than this one.

Santa Clause and the 4 Siblings

We think the boys have grown to be very heavy to be sitting on Santa’s lap. Otherwise, this picture is just the exact recreation of the old one. Also, did Santa became smaller or the boys got too big?

The Grown-Up Angels

Not just the poses, but the dress recreation is pretty impressive. The little one even got a big shirt with boats just like he did in his childhood.

The Big Boy

Children are never too old for their parents. This little adorable baby is all grown up but his dad still looks at him the same way. An additional beard can be seen, otherwise, it’s pretty much the same.

Little Angel is Sleeping

In the childhood picture, the baby might get milk drunk, but we can’t say much about the present picture. The mom is brave to still hold him like that.

The Perfect Family Photo Do Exist

Their dad was not much amused then and he still is not. These kids just wanted to get a picture, little did they know that they will be recreating the photo after many years.


These cheerful boys look s adorable in the childhood picture and now they are all grown up into two handsome men.

4 Brothers in 1 Tub

It’s pretty common for siblings to bath in the same tub, but after all these years, they are still there. Posing exactly the same and looking adorable like always.

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