17 Things That Happen After Death

You have seen death in tv dramas and serials by seeing the minimization on the heart rate monitor. Yes, the heart rate does stop after death but there are many other things that happen after you die. As soon as the heart stops beating, many changes start to occur in the body. It starts with some primary differences that are not the same as the decomposition of the body. The charges on our body change as well as the environment.

Here we have listed the things that happen to your body after you die,

Blood Flow Stops

At the exact moment when your death occurs, your heart stops pumping blood. All the blood in your veins and arteries stops flowing and it looks like swimming pools of blood, stuck in one place.

The Color of Our Body Changes

When suddenly your blood stops flowing, our body starts to change its colour to reddish, purplish skin as the blood starts settling in the places it was located. The gravitational pull attracts it downwards and thus colouration occurs.


Image source:Medical Every day, Picture: Wikimedia

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