17 Year Old Boy Died Due To a Hickey From Girlfriend

You might think that hickies and love bites are innocent ways to show love, but there are times when the side effects can be dangerous. If we talk about sex injuries, hickies are most common out of all. They might give you some intimate moments with your partner, but there are times when they can be bad news. Not just because you were grounded because your parents saw them when you were in high school, but other side effects can be witnessed.

Let’s start with the background, what a hickey really is? It is nothing, but a bruise. Just like any other bruise that you can get by hitting the coffee table or get your head bumped into the closet door. You can even say that these bruises are intentional because we are pretty sure that nobody gave you a love bite without your permission (unless they did!). It is seen as marking your territory type of thing where your partner sucks your skin to a point that it leaves a bruise. You can get a hickey as an accident, but mostly both partners agree upon it.

It happens when your skin is sucked it leaves a mark, just like the Chinese method of cupping also leaves bruises. What actually happens is that the small blood vessels in your skin near the surface are burst due to that pressure and the blood is released under the skin. After escaping the blood vessel, this blood actually deposits in the skin and makes a hickey. It isn’t much science and complexity, just a simple concept that goes in it.

So apparently, this 17-year-old boy happened to die because of a love bite from her girlfriend who was 24-years old. We can’t digest this news and still are confused about what would have happened that caused the boy to die. So here we compiled a few points that we think happened.

Was the Girlfriend a Vampire?

This might be the first thing that comes to our minds after hearing such news, but no. His girlfriend was not a vampire. To your surprise, this is not the first case where a hickey had been proved to be damaging for a person. Talking about the history of such cases, a 44-year old woman in New Zealand got a love bite from her lover and ended up getting a stroke. That stroke left her partially paralyzed and now we can feel nothing but fear from these intimate love bites.

#3 No, the girlfriend was not a vampire

Even doctors have said that it is possible that a love bite can be hazardous for you. Are you willing to give up on that pleasure after reading it? Well, you might be scared.

We are still confused about what happened to the young boy that he actually died.

Has Anyone Ever Died From a Love Bite?

And this came to our mind, we did see a little history of love bites being hazardous, but nobody dies due to these.

Well, not until this teenager did. The woman from New Zealand baffled the doctors on what could have happened that caused such harm. While searching for the cause, as they were examining the body, they saw a little bruise on her neck. This bruise was a love bite that was right above a major artery and damaged it. This suction caused the artery to burst and she had a stroke.

#2 No one has ever died from a hicky..

Doctors who treated that lady said that this was the first time someone actually got hospitalized because of a love bite. So, what happened to the 17-year old boy?

How Did the Teenager Julio Macias Gonzalez Died?

This boy, just like the New Zealand lady, got a stroke due to the love bite from his girlfriend. This young boy lives in Mexico and spent a fine evening with his girlfriend and after that, was having dinner with his family when he started having convulsions.

#1 Meet 17 years old Julio Macias Gonzalez

The suction of the love bite clotted his blood and that clot traveled to his brain, resulting in a stroke. The paramedics didn’t make it in time and Julio left the world. His girlfriend disappeared and his parents started blaming her as if she was planning to kill him by giving him a love bite.

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