25 Unconvincing Things Found In Human Stomach

Some people have some odd eating habits like consuming peanut butter with pickles seems to be odd. But, we think such weird food combinations will look totally fine when you’ll have a look at this list.

Following are some unbelievable things that were found in the human stomach, we are just confused about how they got in there. Imagine the condition of the surgeon who got to see those things in the stomach, they might have made him cringe.

So, let’s check out the list

A Glass Bottle

a bunch of green glass bottles lined up

A Chinese person went to a hospital because of belly pain. After performing the tests and X-ray, doctors came to know that he has a bottle in his stomach that needs to be removed by surgery.



Maria Tsotetsi was a 49-year-old lady who was very sick and her belly started growing with each day. Some thought she might be pregnant, but doctors discovered a snake in her stomach.

Cell Batteries


Adults might not consume batteries, but there are many cases when kids got cells into their bellies. Some of them even die because of internal bleeding.

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