5 Things That Show A Marriage Will End Soon

After hearing all those fairytales in our childhood, all of us somehow believe in meeting the love of our lives and living happily ever after. But unfortunately, that is not what happens in most cases. Such tales only exist in books and all they do is fill our minds with tons of expectations about married life. In fact, the reality is pretty harsh because finding true love is not possible most of the time. Even if you love them, as time passes, sweet things will fade away and you will be left with nothing but disappointment.

If you look into the ratios, comparing the last 50 years, people have been getting divorce twice as much as they did before. On the other hand, marriages have decreased two times as compared to the amount in the last 50 years. The good thing is that you can actually prepare yourself for it and foresee if the divorce is likely to take place or not by some scientific research.

We really hope that there are couples who love each other and families who have strong bonds with each other. That is why we have been doing some research on the scientific facts about divorce. Here are some things that exist in people who are more likely to get divorced and these are hacked with scientific facts and research.

Childhood Photos Without Smile

So if you are planning to marry someone, we suggest you ask them for their childhood pictures and look for smiles. So there are different levels of smiles from 1 to 10 and it depends on the number of muscles involved in it. A scientific study shows that the more full your smile is, the less likely you are to get divorced. While studying college yearbook photos, scientists scaled their smiles and studied their married life. The basis of this smile scaling depended on the tightening of lips and wrinkles around the eyes. People who got a 0 or had frowns in the picture got divorced more than those with big smiles. People with sad and gloomy childhood pictures have 5 times more chance of getting divorced.

The Tone of Their Voice While Talking To Their Partner

You might be surprised by the fact that science has got this gar that they can predict the future of their marriage just by studying the emotional tone of their voices. And the results are 79% accurate so we can trust them actually. Communication has a lot to do in a relationship and that can be the key to know if your marriage will last long or not.

After performing their studies on over 100 couples, scientists came to know that strong emotions are shown by the pitch and intensity of their voice. The jitter and shimmer in their voices can help them show strong emotions. So, that means not just your words, but also the way you say and the tone you use to say those words matter a lot. So this not just applies to the general public, but especially to the relationship of married couples.

Those Who Work With Opposite Gender Colleagues

This might not surprise you because it is obvious that if your spouse works with opposite-sex people, they are more likely to get distracted from your marriage and you. Even Danish scientific research shows that people who work with opposite gender members get divorced 15% more than others.

How Their Mothers Behaved

We can surely think about this one as people tend to follow their parents without knowing it. Science proves that people live their married life like their parents, especially mothers. It has been studied that if the mothers tend to have new relationships with people every now and then, their kids follow them. Even if it was a marriage or just cohabitation, the kids are going to follow. So if the mothers are divorced, chances are that the kids will also act the same way.

Newly Wed Couples Showing Too Much Love

This one might surprise you because it sure did surprise us. After scientists compared 168 couples, they came to know that ⅓ of the pairs who got divorced showed extra love, care, and affection to their partners at the start of their wedding life.

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