6 Action Movies on Netflix like Extraction?

In this time of lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, people are moving towards watching movies and series to make their boring quarantine a little more exciting. The main source of these films has been Netflix and many new accounts have got the subscription to make their quarantine a little less boring. Well, these days the most-watched Netflix film has been Extraction and Chris Hemsworth’s acting has made sure that everyone is pleased. It is an action film and the fans are going crazy for it. It looks like it will break all the records and it can be the most-watched Netflix film ever. The rate at which the fans are watching this film and appreciating it is going to make it a big hit among all the Netflix original till date.

The film was directed by Sam Hargreaves and it was his first time directing. Sam has set very high standards for the coming films as it was something very unusual. We have seen that all the good things have an ending and it looks like this film has reached its end time. It is not on the top anymore, but the question is, who took the place?

From the time when the film premiered till now, it has been dominating in the top 10 list. The streaming platform that this film got has been bumped by something a little more exciting. If you have Netflix subscription then you might know that this film has been in the 4th place, but keeping in mind that it has been competing with not just movies, but also the television shows, we can give it a margin. Since Never Have I Ever has been on the top of the screamer and we are not surprised.

1:6 Underground

<p>Ryan Reynolds, <em>6 Underground</em> </p>

2:Triple Frontier

Ben Affleck, <em>Triple Frontier </em>

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