6 Most Brutal Acts of Revenge You’ll Ever Hear Of

Since humans were created, the war of revenge has been going on and it never ends until the vengeance has been taken. Not just humans, but nature itself does everything so that the person gets back what he has done. None of your actions goes unseen, any injustice that you do to others comes back to you in one form or another.

What we are talking about today is not the revenge that nature takes, but the people who go too far while making others realize their fault or even sin. Revenge is a type of safety or making sure that justice is established. How do you think the system of justice works? Not always the courts and authorities take notice and make the sinner pay. It’s not the case always that the person gets what he deserves, sometimes people do unimaginable crimes and still walk in the streets like a free man. In that case, the person who suffered what they did gets up, that is the time when another injustice is ready to take place, but that was a chain.

Someone can start it but no one stops it. No one has the courage to forgive, but to take revenge. If you think wrath and anger are the same as revenge, well you might be right because there is a very thin line between the two. Sometimes people go too far without realizing that what they are doing is worse than what was done to them.

Today, we are going to talk about people who went too far in taking their revenge and did something extremely shocking. We bet these stories will send shivers down your spines. So, let’s get started. Here are vicious revenge stories.

Alan Ralsky; The Master of Spam

This man Alan Ralsky started his spamming profession in 1996 from a small scale that was a few penny shares. He didn’t have any actual potential and just bought the shares of baffling and fraudulent companies. As the years passed, he made his way to spamming tens of millions of dollars from every way that he could and his lavish lifestyle was highlighted in a magazine. After the magazine got out and his wealth was exposed, some people were determined to take revenge on his way. Ralsky and his family got many spams every day continuously until a month.


The Too Ugly Chanakya

Chanakya, the famous Indian thinker was kicked out of an event by then King Dhanananda because he was very ugly for the party. Well, he raised Chandragupta who overtook that king and took his revenge. It might be a little late, but we can say it was epic.


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