Beauty Standards That Men Found Attractive 50 Years Ago

Talking about history, around 50 years ago, things were not the same as they are now. It might not seem to be a very long time, but things have drastically changed. Just look at the advancements that the technology has gained and it has no match with the things back in the 1960s. Just like every other thing has changed, so are the beauty standards. We can understand how much turbulence is there in this era by recognising how much the things have changed that once attracted men. Now, they are almost opposite of what they were back in the 1900s.

Here are some surprising features that men found attractive 50 years ago,

Light Skin Tone

In 1960, a lot of civil right movements were seen around because of racism. Everybody thought about it as normal, even so there were laws in some states that said you can’t marry someone from a different race. To get these things away, many movements took place against the anti-miscegenation law. Having lighter skin was a beauty standard and the coloured people were considered ugly. An African American contestant couldn’t take part in the Miss America contest and that was a huge injustice. To condemn that, a Miss Black contest was carried out and it made people realize the wrong somehow. After two years, the first black woman won the Miss America Pageant, named Cheryl Browne.

Not just the white people, but even the African American people considered lighter skin toned women beautiful. This standard slowly changed with time and in the 1960s, people started to think beyond just the skin colour. Today, a lot of it has changed and things are better for many but still discrimination and racism is practised by some.

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