Creepy Things Caught On Google Map Cameras

The same helpful google map that proves to be the best thing ever when we are looking for someplace or driving, it can be creepy at times. There have been some strange and weird crimes caught in the eye of the camera that google has installed for maps. It can be an unmarked grave or dead body hiding, google saw everything.

As we all know that even if no one is around and we do something, there is always someone who is watching. Yes God is watching us all, but there has been someone else too who is trying to know it all. Many companies have got eyes on the whole world and we aren’t aware of what they can do with the data. This inventory data can be pretty shocking at times and we did some digging to get our hands on some creepy on camera catches.

We don’t deny the fact that Google has worked a lot in order to provide us with street views, bird-eye views of complete Earth. There have been real work into this but there have been some moments caught on camera that can even creep us or at least make us think about these mysteries.

A Truck in Between of Nowhere

What is this truck doing with a UFO in a desert? Are they burying a dead body? We can’t clearly see the image because it is grainy, but we smell something suspicious. Is it normal for a truck to be parked in between a desert with a strange-looking big vehicle? We think there must be a good explanation to all of this that we can count on.

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