Famous Movies Featuring Real Love Scenes

So we know that many scenes that we see in movies aren’t real. It can be a fight scene, some weird accident scene of even a love scene. The actors come along, but they don’t actually do what we are shown. That makes the tv and films a big lie, but let’s admit that we love them after all. All we see on screen is actors pretending to love what they are doing and we think that they are actually doing it. In fact, most of us know that they don’t actually do it. Even though the views have expectations. But to your surprise m, there are many films who went too far while filming the live scenes. Instead of just acting for it, the actors actually had intercourse during the shoot. That seems really uncomfortable as they had to do it not just in front of a bunch of people, but cameras that will show it to the whole world.

The movies that we are talking about were not some pornographic films, just that the actors really did the thing. So, let’s get into details and know which movies made the actors go this far for the shoot. We are already aware that these are some extremes that not all of the producers and directors go for, also the actors wouldn’t agree to do so.

9 Songs

So the first movie that we will be talking about is named 9 Songs that was released in 2004. Michael Winterbottom directed this romantic drama film. This British art movie gave birth to many controversies and not everyone was accepting it with love. So basically, the film features a few love scenes and we came to know that all of them were performed in reality and the actors are not faking it. The actors in the love scenes were Margo Stilley and Kieran O’Brien.


So the name suggests, this was a romantic movie and it was all about love, so the director thought why not make the love scenes real to express true and real love. This is basically a French romantic drama film and the story revolves around college students. The love scenes between the actors were real.

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