Girl With a Facial Birth Defect Looks Striking On Her Big Day

In Corby, England, a girl named Cody was born to a couple of Tony and Theresa Hall. The delivery process was normal and they really thought that they were giving birth to a healthy and normal girl. The delivery was pretty unexpected when they came to know that their daughter was born with a defect. The parents would have never thought about something like this, and seeing your child in pain is the most hurtful thing on earth. All the parental tests were fine and suddenly they came to know that she had a defect.

They knew that living like a normal girl would not be possible for her, but the doctors even said that to lead a healthy life and even to survive, she will be needing help. The disability that Cody was born with is called hemangioma and she had it under her left eye and that covered half her face. The condition that she was facing resulted in benign tumor formation on her face and all of it left a big mark on her face. No matter what the world had to say about her, her parents fell in love with the girl at the exact moment they saw her. All they wanted to be was good for their child and wanted to change her life so that she can live better.

To get her to know the world, they took her out for long walks and left her to explore what was outside. They just wanted their daughter to enjoy the world and know what it is, but the people who saw her were very harsh to her. She had to face bad looks and comments from people around and it broke the hearts of her parents.

When they were in England, one of their neighbors went too far with the harshness and asked them to put a bag on Cody’s face so nobody can look at it when she comes out. That is so hurtful and we can feel the pain of those parents who want nothing but happiness and the best life for their child. Tony and Theresa recalled all those painful memories and said that people are so ignorant that they don’t care what this little girl is going through.

As time was passing, her condition was getting worse and her parents were very worried about her. The doctors suggested surgery for her to heal the condition and that made them travel to California. After the doctor’s recommendation, they planned their trip and went to Atherton California to get the laser treatment done. This treatment was supposed to stop the growth of those tumors and they did. Dr. David Apfelberg was the plastic surgeon who did the honors of taking Cody to normal.

This surgery was very helpful in her healing process and her parents were more than happy with her better health condition. To make sure that Cody felt totally normal and didn’t seem to be different from the crowd, they had to get another surgery done. This time the surgery was supposed to smooth out her skin so that she looks just as normal as any other girl would look. This time they had to travel to New York to see Dr. Milton Waner removed all the scars from her skin and made her face look way better than before. This surgery was not easy but the physician made it possible and gave Cody a normal life.

The problems in this surgery were that the tissues of her skin were in a very destructed form that made all of the processes really hard. They had to undergo different procedures that would make her face look normal. All of the surgeries were really expensive, but here parents somehow managed because of the love parents have for their kids.

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At the age of 14, Cody had undergone 18 surgeries and all of these operations were too expensive for the Hall family. They started a fundraising campaign and raised around  $376,000 to bear all the medical expenses.

Cody got married in 2017 to the love of her life. On the wedding day, we can’t deny the fact that she looked perfectly stunning.




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