Hilarious Comparison Between Expectations and Reality: Family Life Edition

Family is the most important component in one’s life and we have been thinking about making this life after marriage perfect with our kids and dogs. Just like everything else, family life isn’t just like we expect it to be. In fact, the reality is a lot different than what we want it to be. It’s not bad, it’s just the truth and this is how the world works. Nothing is perfect and everything has its own beauty with all the imperfections involved. Family means love and compassion that all of the members have for each other and how they will stand with each other no matter what. You can imagine returning from work to home and expecting your family waiting for you with smiles on their face, but the reality might be a nightmare. The kids running here and there, the dogs biting into your cosy couch, your wife looks a mess, but this is what life is. It’s not perfect, but it is without any doubt beautiful.

Here we have compared some hilarious family life expectations vs reality. Enjoy!

Expectation vs Reality: New Year's Resolution

The Perfect House From The Movies

Expectations vs Reality Meme: Snowmen

You might want a dwelling candy house waiting on your way back home. The place that we call our home is our sweet and cosy personal space. It is a tidy haven that we have to spend our time and just relaxes without having to worry about the world after we spend some extra hours at work.

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