Myths About Cats That Are Totally Wrong

You cannot deny how cool and cute cats are. These fluffy buddies just bring happiness in our lives by just being in it. It’s not clear why but they always urge to push things away, but we are not going to scold them as their innocent faces can melt our hearts. People have brought cats into their houses and their hearts for a very long time. These endearing pets never fail to entertain us with all the funny things they do around your house. The almond-shaped eyes and cute little nose makes their faces look so adorable that we can’t ignore them. No matter what colour of fur your at has, she can take her place in your heart with the silly things she does.

Even though people are interacting with cats for many years as pets, but still there are myths that are considered true. This misinformation just does not go away and people refuse to believe the truth.

1.People Think That Cats Love Milk

Why Cats and Cow's Milk Don't Mix

Just because some scenes in movies where people offer milk to their cats and them drinking it, people think that it might be the most favourite food for cats.

Well, that’s not the case. Just like all other mammals drink milk when they are born, kittens also love to drink milk as their only source of food. But, after growing up, most of the cats get lactose intolerant. In fact, a small amount of milk or dairy won’t do any harm, but they are not big fans of milk. The lactose present in the milk gets accumulated in the stomach pf your cat and leads to many stomach problems just as lactose intolerant humans do after consuming tons of cheese and milk.

2. Black cats are unlucky


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