Pictures That Proof Social Media Is A Lie

In the present era, social media is the only measure that people use to judge others. Nobody cares about the reality, all people see is their social media followers and the pictures that they upload. To be a social media star, people go beyond the limits to get the perfect photo that will attract their followers no matter what is behind the scenes.

Today, the reason behind a lot of followers and likes can be different. You might be running your business or be an influencer because money is one of the reasons why people need to get more likes, comments and shares. The other reason can be to have fame and impress as many people as they can who will think of them as a star and someone perfect. While in reality, nothing is perfect and social media is especially a very big lie that you can never trust blindly.

Going behind what you see on the internet is a foolish thing to do because people can actually do anything on the internet no matter what the reality is. They showcase things that will have no truth and will be very appealing to look at. The problem that this show off causes is the lack of confidence in people watching it. A normal person might think that he is not good enough for the world as people out there are doing things that he won’t be able to do ever.

We must appreciate ourselves for what we have and how we live, because being impressed by social media means you are running after a lie or an illusion that is not there actually.


Here we have some pictures that will prove that you must not trust what you see in social media:

The Charm Of Photoshop

The girl in this picture has a rough and damaged skin with crevasses and imperfections just like a normal person has, but in the other picture, we can see how she turned it into a flawless and beautiful even skin. The reality is way different from what is sown on the internet. So, whenever you have a perfect girl with glowing skin, just remember that all of them have imperfections like every other person out there and you should never be ashamed of it, because your skin doesn’t define who you are.

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Instagram vs Reality – What goes on behind the scenes!! 💁‍♀️ — The lengths we go to to get Insta worthy photos 😂😂 Here's me climbing up a pile of wobbly rocks after taking the photo on the left!! 😂😂 — Nobody looks perfect 24/7 it's physically impossible and most of the time we only show the good photos not the ones where we are struggling to flawlessly climb up these rocks gracefully 😂😂 — People always tell me how tiny my waist is or how they wish they had bigger legs like mine!! Even though my legs are probably the part im most self conscious with!! Don't get me wrong I've worked really hard on my journey so far to get were I currently am and I'm finally starting to embrace and love my body let's face it we can all try and change our bodies as much as we like and it will work to a certain extent but genetics also play a massive part so we have to love what we have been blessed with I'm far from perfect, We all know what angles make us look our best however our camera roll is also full of so many photos where we got those angles so wrong 😂 But you will rarely see those… — Stop comparing yourselves to anyone else on social media or to what society deems as "perfect" and start embracing your own beauty that you already have and becoming more comfortable in your own skin!! There is only one of us and that is so powerful it's what makes us all unique!! 💙

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