Selena Gomez Got A Big Praying-Hands Thigh Tattoo in 2019

Starting her career from the platform of Disney, this little girl grew up to be a perfectly beautiful woman and has made her name as a solo artist. By profession, she is a singer and philanthropist and we love her work in both ways. Selena has always been an inspiration in many ways, the way she tackled her diseases, got operated, and underwent a kidney implant, not a weak person would come out of all this standing strong. She has proved her worth and bravery for many years.

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If we look at the past and see her transformation, we can surely say that she has always been someone who loves to make others feel better. If it was about her song lyrics or the acts she did, everything reflected her love for mankind and we adore her for such a kind heart. Not just her outer looks are beautiful, she has the inner personality of an angel.

As we know that tattoos reflect our personalities and many people get them based on something very dear to them. Talking about Selena, she has around 12 tattoos that we know of and each of them has a certain meaning that she conveyed through some way to her fans. Her tattoo collection has been increasing for many years and now she has a lot of them. Either it’s the little g behind her ear or the giant praying-hands tattoo on her thigh, all of them have certain meanings in a special way that you should know if you are a Selenator.

Selena Gomez: Thigh Tattoo & Neon Green Dress At 2019 AMAs

The Stories Behind Her Tattoos

Tattoos are permanent and people only get them after they know that the meaning behind them will stay with them forever. Just like any other of us, Selena also got all of the tattoos based on something close to her heart.

Selena Gomez Adds Another Huge Upper Thigh Tattoo to Her ...

If you wanna know who Selena trusts to get her tattoos done, it’s Keith McCurdy from the Bang Bang Tattoo company. We have noticed that Selena is good at hiding her permanent tattoos from the public skillfully and sometimes she decides to show them off. Some time ago, she disclosed her Rare tattoo that she has behind her ear.

Selena got matching tattoos with her girl squad. It was a 4 that represents their friendship and how these 4 will always be there for each other no matter what. She also got a matching tattoo of 1 representing her friend and her to be each other’s number 1 in every situation.

Julia Michaels and Selena got a tattoo of an arrow that points at each other to show that they will always be there for their best friend no matter how time changes. This arrow points towards the thumb below, but when they hold hands, Selena says it will always be pointed towards Julia.

The most recent tattoo that Selena Gomez disclosed is a giant tattoo right on her thigh. The meaning of this one is not yet shared by her officially but we imagine it would be something special for her. Being a  Christian, she is very close to her religions and we think this tattoo has to do something with that. There are two hands praying to God and a chain with the cross hanging from the hands. She has opened up about her religious beliefs with the public and her fans think her return to music has a relationship with all of this.

We think this one is the biggest tattoo that Selena has. Otherwise, she only gets tiny tattoos here and there on her body to show her love for her family, her career, music, and her friends. This time, when it was about God, she got a big one. We recently saw here share a note of gratitude on her social media to let all know how thankful she is for life. We are excited to know what was the inspiration behind this giant thigh tattoo that she got right before the 2019 AMAs.

Her tattoo artist Bang Bang didn’t tell us about the inspiration, but he surely said that they have a mental understanding that allows him to get a feel without her explaining too much about what she wants.

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