The Most Disturbing Horror Films That Sent People To Hospital

While watching a horror film, our adrenaline level gets a little higher and that is why people love to watch such films. But, there are times when things get out of hand and people somehow feel the scenes a little too much that they end up in a hospital after watching a horror film. We have heard so many times that watching a horror film has caused people to faint or even die and all we can think is whether it is the truth that the filmmakers are just using some cheap marketing tactics. Here we have collected some films that have been rumoured to send people to the hospital. This will help you know if the films have actually gone this far that the viewers couldn’t stand it and fainted.

Here are the movies that have caused the watchers to get medical attention to recover from the trauma.

The Conjuring 2

The Conjuring 2 - Main Trailer [HD] - YouTube

This film was without a doubt an intense movie that had increased the adrenaline level to such a point that it had caused the death of a person. The Conjuring 2 had the most heart-wrenching reactions by viewers and here is the top example. This incident took place in India with a man from Andhra Pradesh who went to the Sri Balasubramaniar Cinema to watch this movie. This cinema lies in Tiruvannamalai and people said that while watching the film, he was getting pain attacks in his chest throughout. After some time, when the movie was going to end, he fainted so they took into the Old Government Hospital. At the hospital, his death was confirmed and people were wondering how he died by just watching a movie. But, surprisingly the body of the patient and the person who pronounced him dead in the hospital disappeared from the scene. This might be a marketing tactic, but it can even make the superstitious people stay away from such content.

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