Women Who Want To Reverse Their Cheap Butt Lifts

Our society has always been creating strange body standards that were hard to gain. These unattainable standards have caused people to go beyond their limits to look perfect. The social pressure that women have to face all the time can be harsh and force them to do stupid things that are not just weird but also dangerous for their health.

Most of all, people need to know their worth because beauty isn’t in the looks, but in the heart that nobody can deny. This pressure has forced people to go through transformations that are hazardous. People inject toxic fluids into their bodies to look perfect and not all the time they work perfectly. Especially when cheap material is used to get the job done.

People think that this single change is most important and will make their bodies look totally perfect, but the fact is that we have a list of women who actually regret their decisions and want to take things back. Instagram influencers face a lot of pressure from their fan base to meet the expectations because they are in the spotlight.

Sophie Elsie

This is one of the many names who had some cheap body surgeries and regretted them afterward. She made that decision at a young age and now her mental and physical health is totally ruined. She says that she always thinks about living with fake implants and it hurts her.

Sophie is an Instagram influencer and blogger who is a very attractive woman. Due to the Instagram standards and pressure she feels, she got herself into a position that she regrets now. She has a fan following of 400,000 on Instagram, but we can bet that what we see on install is not always the truth.


The beauty standards have moved from not just the perfect face, but now to a perfect body and these are just artificial standards.

The Famous Kardashians

We can say that you have heard about the Kardashians because they are popular for covering their bodies in plastic. Also, their show Keeping Up With The Kardashians has been all over the television screens. They have always revolved these modern standards and made sure that they apply them on their selves.

They do not just stick to big lips and eyebrow lifts, but they have some big butts and breasts by all the implants they go through. This has made the beauty climate quite different and people are going through a lot while making up to them. We never expected them to be this artificial, but here we are, drowning in these filthy standards of beauty.

It’s not just the people, actually, the influencers promote such trends and make people believe that this is the right thing to do and the right way to look.

What Happened to Sophie?

We actually understand the fact that such trends are set by none other than the influencers and how they speak about them. Just like most of them, Sophie was living this way and was happy with it.

In fact, recently she came out and spoke about the consequences of such actions. She assures that they are bad.

She underwent butt lift surgery at the age of 19 from some cheap source, but now she realized that it was a big mistake. She is 24 years old and around 5 years made her realize that it wasn’t right. Sophie thinks it is one of the worst life decisions.

She is from Oslo, Norway, and had to go to Turkey to get the surgery done. After the surgery, her butt size was tripled from the natural size. You might think that everyone does that, but it is not the truth. A person who has decided to go under the knife for surgery, it is hard. It is a great risk to go abroad for such surgery where such laws are not strict and you are not even familiar with them.

We think this should have been a red flag for her, but she did it after all. Another red flag that we spotted is that she wasn’t provided with any consultation before the procedure. They just went for the surgery without any warnings or outlines.

The results came out to look so artificial that she didn’t like it. She said she didn’t think about her future, especially what she’ll look like at the age of 50. She also mentioned that this unnatural butt has left her tired. After growing up, she thinks this type of choice should be long term, not something that will please you at the moment but will be a burden afterward.

Fatal Surgery

From Leeds, England, a woman went abroad to get cheap butt lift surgery and it turned fatal. She actually died after the procedure just to save some money.

There are people out there, warning about such acts, but still, some decide to do so.


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