Your Breast Shape Says A Lot About Your Personality

So as we can tell about the personality of a man just from the size of his fingers, women can be predicted too, from the shape of their breasts. If you are planning to do a Personality test, we have something better for you. Just know your breast shape and you will know a lot about your traits and what type of person you are.

So let’s get into the types of shapes and what they tell you about you.

Lemon Shaped

So this shape has symmetrical breasts and petite. So the women who have this type of breasts are kind-hearted and feel for others. They are not big fans of societal norms and don’t believe in acting just like their ancestors did. Their attitude and style of thinking is not like the others and that’s what makes them different from the crowd. They try to do things like they want to, not like what others expect them to do. They enjoy isolation and giving time to themselves while listening to music or reading a book. Overall, they live a balanced life and keep everything in its place.

1. Lemon Shaped (symmetric and petite)

Papaya Shaped

These breasts are long, hanging, and pendulous. The women with this type of breasts are goal-driven and perform every task fiercely. They have a strong and independent personality and their will depends on what they think. They tend to succeed in most of the matters in their life because of the control they have on themselves and how calmly they take their steps to make sure that their dreams are fulfilled. They have strong leadership qualities and we can say they are born to be leaders.

2. Papaya Shaped (elongated and pendulous)

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